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Tribute to Led Zeppelin (35th Kennedy Center Honors) 2012
480 Mb, 00:22:03

02. Foo Fighters - Rock and Roll
03. Kid Rock - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Ramble On
04. Lenny Kravitz - Whole Lotta Love
05. Heart with Jason Bonham - Stairway to Heaven



Led Zeppelin - Mothership, 2007
2,17 Gb, 01:58:23

Led Zeppelin/Led Zeppelin - Mothership 2007



We're Gonna Groove
I Can't Quit You Baby
Dazed and Confused
White Summer
What Is and What Should Never Be
Moby Dick
Whole Lotta Love
Communication Breakdown
Bring It on Home
Immigrant Song
Black Dog
Misty Mountain Hop
The Ocean
Going to California
In My Time of Dying
Stairway to Heaven
Rock and Roll
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Whole Lotta Love

1 2


Led zeppelin - Danmarks Radio



Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven, 1969

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven

01. Introduction
02. We're gonna groove
03. I can't quit you baby
04. Black dog
05. Misty Mountain Hop
06. Since I've been loving you
07. In my time of dying
08. Trampled under foot
09. Stairway to heaven
10. Whole lotta love
11. Back in town


Led Zeppelin - Live at Royal Albert Hall, 1970
1.36 Gb, 01:42:20

Led Zeppelin - Live at Royal Albert Hall  1970

01. We`re Gonna Groove
02. I Can`t Quit You Baby
03. Dazed And Confused
04. White Summer
05. What Is And What Should Never Be
06. How Many More Times
07. Moby Dick
08. Whole Lotta Love
09. Communication Breakdown
10. C`Mon Everybody
11. Something Else
12. Bring It On Home


Robert Plant - Dreamlands, 2002
2.79 Gb, 01:44:27

Robert Plant - Dreamlands, 2002

01. Darkness, Darkness
02. Four Sticks
03. Down To The Sea
04. Morning Dew
05. Going To California
06. Hey, Hey What Can I Do
07. Fixin To Die
08. Song To The Siren
09. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
10. Backstage Interview


11. Celebration Day
12. Darkness Darkness
13. Fixin To Die
14. Morning Dew
15. Song To The Siren
17. Darness Darness
18. Morning Dew
19. Look Out Mabel



Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation, 2005
4.26 Gb, 01:45:10

Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation

No Quarter
Shine It All Around
Black Dog
Freedom Fries
Four Slicks
Tin Pan Valley
Gallows Pole
The Enchanter
Whole Lotta Love
Hey Joe
Girl From The North Country
Morning Dew (Video)
29 Palms (Video)
29 Palms (Live On Top Of The Pops)
Big Log (Live On Top Of The Pops)



Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, 2007
2.74Gb, 00:43:00
Robert Plant  Alison Krauss

Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)
The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
When The Levee Breaks
Black Dog
Stick With Me Baby
Rich Woman
Please Read The Letter



Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Back
The Legendary Arms Concert Royal Albert Hall, 1984
4.37Gb, 01:52:44

Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Back

01. Everybody Oughta Make A Change
02. Rita Mae
03. Lay Down Sally
04. Ramblin' On My Mind
05. Cocaine
06. Man Smart Woman Smarter
07. Roadrunner
08. Take Me To The River
09. Slowdown Sundown
10. Gimme Some Lovin'
11. Star Cycle
12. The Pump
13. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
14. Hi Ho Silver Lining
15. Prelude
16. City Sirens
17. Who's To Blame
18. Stairway To Heaven
19. Tulsa Time
20. Layla
21. Goodnight Irene



Led Zeppelin - Reunion Collection, 2005
4.07 Gb, 01:33:05

Led Zeppelin - Reunion Collection, 2005

Live AID. Live At JFK Stadium, Philadelphy, 13th July 1985
Drums - Phil Collins & Tony Thompson.

Rock And Roll
Whole Lotta Love
Stairway To Heaven

Atlantic Records` 40th Anniversary Celebrations
Live At Madison Square Garden, New York, 14th May,1988
Drums - Jason Bonham.

Whole Lotta Love
Misty Mountain Hop
Stairway To Heaven

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.Live At Waldorf-
Astoria,New York, 12th January,1995
Церемония включения Led Zeppelin в Зал Славы Рок-н-Ролла
Drums - Jason Bonham, Michael Lee
Guest - Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Neil Young

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
Bring It On Home
Long Distance Call Blues
Baby Please Don`t Go
WhenThe Levee Breaks/For What Its Worth



Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
Live at Budokan Hall Tokyo, 1996

4.17 Gb, 02:03:03, DVD

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant


01. Thank You
02. Custard Pie
03. Black Dog
04. Tangerine
05. Hurdy Gurdy
06. Gallow's Pole
07. Tea For One
08. The Song Remains The Same
09. Going To California
10. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
11. Whole Lotta Love
12. King Bee
13. Break On Through
14. Dazed & Confused
15. Friends
16. Yallah
17. Four Sticks
18. Kashmir
19. What is And What Should Never Be
20. Rock & Roll



Jimmy Page And The Black Crowes -
Live At Greek Theatre, 1999

1,37 Gb, 02:00:10

Jimmy Page And The Black Crowes Live At Greek Theatre, 1999

01. Celebration Day
02. Custard Pie
03. Sick Again
04. No Speak No Slave
05. What It Is And What Should Never Be
06. Hard To Handle
07. Wake Up This Morning
08. Ten Years Gone
09. In My Time Of Dying
10. Your Time Is Gonna Come
11. Remedy
12. The Lemon Song
13. Sloopy Drunk
14. Shapes Of Things
15. Nobody's Fault But Mine
16. Hearthbreaker
17. Hey Hey What Can I Do (Encore)
18. You Shook Me (Encore)
19. Out On The Tiles(Encore)
20. Whole Lotta Love



Jimmy Page - The A.R.M.S. Concert, 1984
221.99 Mb, 00:18:12



Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same
(In Concert And Beyond),1976, 2,05 Gb

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same (In Concert And Beyond),1976

Запись материалов для фильма происходила в течение трех ночных концертов в Мэдисон-Сквер-Гарден в Нью-Йорке в ходе тура группы по Соединённым Штатам 1973 года. В фильме использованы постановочные сюжеты - бытовые сцены из жизни участников группы и эпизоды в стиле фентези, а также закулисные съемки во время коцертов.

Саундтрек фильма

1. Rock and Roll
2. The Song Remains the Same
3. The Rain Song
4. Dazed and Confused
5. No Quarter
6. Stairway to Heaven
7. Moby Dick
8. Whole Lotta Love
9. Black Dog
10. Heartbreaker



Led Zeppelin - On the Rock Trail, 2006

Led Zeppelin - On the Rock Trail, 2006

Документальный фильм об истории группы




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